Stop going to work; start doing the work!

Working remotely —successfully— calls for a particular combination of tool set, skill set, and mind set. Work Together Anywhere provides the vital basics to make this a reality.

What we Offer

1 day

Customized in-company training full of remote practices you can apply immediately to start experimenting with.

X day

Consulting and coaching to help your team(s) towards more agile remote practices.


Flex Learning

eLearning modules, combined with virtual sessions to support learning and experimentation.

How Remote Working Benefits Employers

  1. Increased Employee Retention
  2. Improved Working Relationships
  3. Reduced Expenses
  4. Higher Productivity
  5. Attracts Talent

Why individuals are going remote

(Top 5 reasons)
Fewer interruptions from colleagues (76%)
Fewer distractions (76%)
Reduced stress from commuting (70%)
Minimal office politics (69%)
Quieter noise level (62%)