At the time of taking decisions we all miss points in awareness and thinking…


Jesters demonstrate the rare ability to illuminate and eliminate blind spots in awareness, thinking and action that impact decisions and results, while delivering those insights to the rest of their organizations.

What we Offer

10 month

program designed to help you grow into the Corporate Jester role. The program will teach you to apply a determined set of soft skills to help your company improve decision making through experimentation.

X day

Consulting and coaching to help your team(s) towards more agile decision making.



  1. Communication
  2. Lifelong Learning
  3. Organizational Insight
  4. Organizational Communication
  5. Leader Identification
  6. Personal Ethics
  7. Statement of Mission
  8. Organizational Training
  9. Self-Delusion
  10. Corporate Vulnerability

Corporate Jesters

Corporate Jestership is a powerful way of moving organizations towards desired goals, not about entertaining others. Jesters, relying on the freedom from the restraints are able to express thoughts that no others would voice, thereby opening up new perspectives, insights, ideas and options to the leader.