Introducing Coaching and Individualized Training (1-to-1)

In both methodologies, our challenge is to awaken the illusion and achieve implication so that every person contributes their full potential, resources and talent to achieve high and sustainable performance levels, generating organizations to which people want to belong.
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Our Coaching Practices


Executive coaching processes (between 6 and 8 individual sessions), with coaches certified and accredited by ICF and with more than 1,000 hours of coaching experience.


Coaching processes with natural teams, to work the culture and generate joint development alliances, in order to influence the results of the company and the business. Coaching is done to the team as a unit and not to the individuals that compose it.



Program for the development of skills and/or attitudes. We work on a specific objective, common to all participants, who do not have to belong to a natural team.

1-on-1 for Executives

Individual development program that, mixing different methodologies, works on those skills and attitudes that the manager needs for his professional impulse. Its main value consists in the flexibility and personalization of the contents.

Agile Mentoring

Training and support program, adapted to each organization, to generate mentors who are ambassadors of corporate values and are committed to the development of their mentees.