The Program: Agile Talent

This program is a Professional Certification knowledge module, part of the ICAgile Business Agility track, led by our Certified ICP-TAL ICAgile instructor. Detailed information and learning objectives can be found on the ICAgile website.

What we Offer

2 day

ICP-TAL certification program. Open programs for HR, Leaders, Agile Coaches and Trainers covering the full material and an exam to obtain the ICP-TAL certificate.

1 day

In-company training for human resources and management teams. Learn to introduce Agile methodologies in the Employee Journey.

X day

HR Agility consulting services. We help you define how Agile you want and need to be and start your path towards Business Agility.


Dear HR, it is time to step up!

HR has been sitting in the back seat for too long now. It’s time to step up and take responsibility for change. It’s all about the people, the relationships, and the system in which the people live and work. If we can give the right prerequisites to people, they will take care of the rest.

Agility in HR

Engaged and motivated people are more likely to add value for customers. Happy customers are profitable. Profits are needed to make a company sustainable, realize its dreams and, of course, reinvest in… People!
For that, in this program (HR) Professionals learn how to enable themselves and the managers and leaders in their companies to engage and motivate people using agile practices. Eventually it drives the role of caring for people and help others to care for people back to the department that long ago was created for that.