Management 3.0 is a movement of innovation, leadership and management. Management 3.0 is redefining the definition of leadership with management as a group responsibility. It's about working together to find the most efficient way for a business to achieve its goals while maintaining employee engagement as a priority.

Everyone who collaborates faces the problem of how to bridge the distance between two or more minds, whether you’re in the same building – or on the other side of the world. Rising to the challenges, remote work promotes some of the very things global business is seeking today including high levels of engagement and self-organization.

Lean Change Management will help you implement successful change and bypass change resistance by co-creating change. These practices combine ideas from the Agile, Lean Startup, change management, organizational development and psychology communities. Lean Change Management will change how you think about change.

Learning 3.0 updates concepts, presents stories and discusses possibilities that will allow us to rethink about the role of learning in our lives. The publications, tools and events will help us to learn in a prompt and continuous way and it will give us all we need to succeed as creative workers in this new century.

Improv Agility is about Being Agile. “Being Agile” includes the ability to: Engage by inspiring, communicating and collaborating; Explore by becoming a great lifelong learner; Resolve Issues by navigating ambiguity and paradox; Adapt by being open to change and understanding the change process.

FULLGLASS is a happiness think tank that crafts happy life and work experience. They create and apply strategies to make life and work experience happier. Their services are peerless and helpful to teams, startups and small-medium-large organizations.

Job satisfaction doesn’t have to be a myth. We believe that happiness is the future of work and that we can make a living while not losing out on life. We are coaches, creatives, authors, speakers, managers, teammates and entrepreneurs.

Virtual not Distant has been set up to help teams move from the traditional workspace to a more flexible one. We do this by offering support for managers through training and coaching. The Virtual, not Distant model provides the framework for virtual teams to begin assessing their own work practices.