Discover how to become a great company

To become a great place to work we need to navigate our ever changing organizational landscape of agility, culture, engagement and happiness. It is the only way to offer our people a challenging work environment and respect their private lives, while building a great company that will last.

Using the techniques from the brands we promote

We will combine techniques from the Lean Change Management and Learning 3.0 brands to help you in your Discovery. Below is just one example of how we can use such techniques to visualize the complex change that a path to becoming a great workplace is.


We can only control 10% of our own happiness. Imagine how little our direct influence on others is. Nevertheless there are ways we can help others increase their happiness. By helping them to learn practices and creating happy elements in our work environment.


We don't engage people with perks. We engage them by enabling intrinsic motivators, empowerment and respect. We can't force people to be engaged. We can engage in conversation and take action to build an engaging work environment.


Our company's culture is the sum of the behaviors of all our stakeholders. Behaviors that are expressions of our values. Values which are what is at our core, our way to express why we are in business, our purpose.


Change is the only constant in our modern world. Change is happening at an ever increasing pace. To keep up with this velocity we have to be able to experiment more, learn faster, and build resilience and ambidexterity as common pieces of everyday business.